SMG III upper shift cylinder installation tool

SMG III upper shift cylinder installation tool


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Special BMW SMG service tool engineered by MLR to aid in installation of high pressure shift cylinder seals.

The SMG III Upper Shift Cylinder Installation Tool is a specialized tool designed to aid in the installation of the upper shift cylinder in the SMG III transmission system used in certain BMW cars.

This tool easily expands seal and inserts it into slot to avoid any damage to seal integrity during install.

Cross Reference

  • 23-01-2-283-744, 23 01 2 283 744,, 23012283744
  • 21542282998, 21-54-2-282-998, 21 54 2 282 998,
  • 31216792287, 31-21-6-792-287, 31 21 6 792 287,



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