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With over 30 year's of experience in automotive and heavy duty sectors. Serving customers worldwide, the MLR team is known for system solutions that have kept our customers on the road and track. 

Based out of Toronto Canada..

We specialize in bespoke product development for the automotive and industrial sector. 


new pump working great!

Michael from PA

Hey man guys like you keep us on the road. Thanks Boss.

Olaf Winnipeg, MN

 I have traveled about 3000+ kilometers since the installation of the new pump and there is no problem so far

Franck. France

New unit seems to be holding up much better so far, thanks!

Tim. CA

Car runs and shifts amazing thanks

Ryan, Winipeg

Unit looks brand new, thanks for the rebuild.

Tom, CA

Rebuilt unit is in and appears to have resolved my smg issues.

Todd, NY


outperform's expectations


Engineered components


High performance


built with passion

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