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We specialize in bespoke product development for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial applications. With over 30 years of experience in the automotive and heavy duty transportation sector MLR comes to you with a wealth of knowledge. MLR's comprehensive product portfolio have continued to keep our customers moving forward on the road and track.

Based out of Toronto, Canada.

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Our high quality auto parts allow you to keep your car safe and in top condition on road.


We at MLR are dedicated of providing our customer best products for there car parts. We are a company who are providing original products of the cars to our clients. We have the car parts that you need for your cars.

Customer reviews


New Pump working great

Pennsylvania , USA

Hey man, Guys like you keep us on the road

Winnipeg, MN

I have Traveled 3000+ kilometers since the instalation of the new pump and there has been no problem so far


New Unit seems to be holding much better so far, Thanks!

California, USA

Car Runs and shifts amazing, Thanks

Winipeg, MN

Unit looks brand new, thanks for the rebuild

California, USA

Rebuild Unit is in and appears to have resolved my smg issues

New York, USA

Superior Quality 10/10

United Kingdom

Good Service, Thank you

California, USA