New Mitsubishi Evo ACD/AYC Accumulator MR580018, 3520A076, MR534522

New Mitsubishi Evo ACD/AYC Accumulator MR580018, 3520A076, MR534522


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Our product is a direct replacement accumulator tailored for the Mitsubishi AYC/ACD system. Designed to meet OEM standards, our accumulator offers the same internal specifications and is dipped in an anti-corrosion paint.

Mitsubishi pioneered the Active Yaw Control (AYC) and Active Center Differential (ACD) systems, revolutionizing torque vectoring capabilities in automobiles since 1996. Despite initial acclaim, Mitsubishi's updates over the years primarily focused on solenoids and sealing improvements. At MLR, we've expanded upon Mitsubishi's foundation by introducing a direct replcement accumulator. Our goal is to push the boundaries of performance and reliability, ensuring our product not only meets but exceeds the expectations set by the original equipment manufacturer.

Our Mitsubishi AYC/ACD accumulator comes with new seals and the same specifications as the OEM solution. Mitsubishi does not sell this accumulator as a seperate component! We suggest changing the accumulator if your motor is constantly failing or the system is not able to reach working pressure. 


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Note: This unit is designed for the Mitsubishi Evo 4 to 9 (IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX) model and replaces all 4 bolt type motors found on other applications. Please make sure to check how many mount holes you have on motor. If your motor is the 3 hole design see our other product offering 50.109.1 for your application. If you are unsure please feel free to contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

This motor kit is designed for all Mitsubishi AYC/ACD pumps with part numbers:

  • MR580018
  • 3520A076 
  • MR580057
  • MR276094
  • 3520A077
  • MR534552
  • 3520A046
  • 3520A067
  • MR222646 
  • 3520A040

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