086901137 Lamborghini E-Gear pump
086901137 Lamborghini E-Gear pump
086901137 Lamborghini E-Gear pump

Lamborghini Gallardo gear pump seal kit 086901137 Lamborghini E-Gear pump


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Introducing our New Lamborghini E-Gear Pump Seal Kit—a meticulously curated set of replacement seals designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability in the hydraulic system of the Lamborghini Gallardo.

At the heart of this kit lies its ability to rejuvenate the gear pump, the powerhouse responsible for generating hydraulic pressure vital for the seamless operation of critical components such as the clutch and shifting. By replacing worn seals with precision-engineered counterparts, our seal kit breathes new life into your vehicle's E-gear system, restoring it to peak performance and reliability.

Don't let worn seals compromise the performance of your Lamborghini Gallardo. Upgrade to our New Lamborghini E-Gear pump and experience smoother gear shifts, improved clutch engagement, and enhanced overall driving dynamics. Trust in our quality craftsmanship to keep your Lamborghini operating at its best, mile after exhilarating mile.

Torque bolts:

  • 55 Inch/lbs

Related Part Numbers:

  • 086901137, 86901137
  • 086901137A, 86901137A

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