BMW E46 SMG II M3 Accumulator Upgrade 21532229716


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New replacement performance accumulator tailored for BMW E46 M3 models equipped with SMG transmission.

Upgrade to MLR's heavy-duty accumulator for unparalleled durability and reliability. Our accumulator outperforms the OEM BMW design, boasting robust materials for a long-lasting solution. Plus, should it ever deviate from specifications, we provide a repair service to bring it back to optimal performance, ensuring your satisfaction.

Engineered to surpass SMG pump requirements, this high-performance BMW E46 M3 accumulator guarantees optimal hydraulic pressure for your SMG transmission. Direct from MLR, it's precision-crafted for a perfect fit and seamless integration, restoring your E46 M3 to its peak driving performance. Experience smoother gear shifts and enhanced driving dynamics with this purpose-built upgrade, specifically designed for the E46 platform.

Failure of the OEM accumulator can lead to SMG system malfunctions during operation, often manifesting as elusive error codes. Regular testing is recommended to ensure the accumulator remains within specification.

Elevate your M series driving experience with the reliability and precision of our in-house engineered pressure accumulator from MLR.

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  • 21532229716, 21-53-2-229-716, 21 53 2 229 716,

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