E36 M3 SMG Pump seal kit 21532229082
E36 M3 SMG Pump seal kit 21532229082

E36 M3 SMG Pump seal kit 21532229082


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Revitalize your E36 M3 BMW's Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) system with our comprehensive New BMW SMG pump Seal Kit. Specifically designed for use with the high-pressure pump, this complete kit ensures optimal performance and reliability for your transmission system.

Here's why our seal kit is essential for maintaining your SMG system:

Complete Seal Replacement: The kit contains all wear seals located within the SMG pump, providing a complete solution for addressing potential leaks and maintaining system integrity. By replacing worn seals, you can prevent fluid leaks and ensure proper functionality of your SMG pump.

Integral Component: The SMG pump plays a crucial role in the operation of the SMG system, serving as the primary source of hydraulic pressure for gear shifts and clutch engagement. By maintaining the seals within the pump, you can safeguard the efficiency and reliability of your transmission system.

Optimal Performance: Each seal in the kit is meticulously crafted to meet OEM specifications, ensuring a precise fit and reliable performance. With high-quality materials and precision engineering, our seal kit provides long-lasting durability and optimal performance for your E36 M3 BMW.

Experience smoother gear shifts and enhanced performance with our New BMW SMG Pump seal kit. Trust in our quality craftsmanship and OEM precision to keep your E36 M3 BMW operating at its best, mile after exhilarating mile.

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