E-Gear Lamborghini Aventador High pressure filter kit 470398162

E-Gear Lamborghini Aventador High pressure filter kit 470398162


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Introducing the New Replacement Lamborghini E-Gear ISR High-Pressure Filter Kit – an essential enhancement engineered to elevate both the performance and durability of your prized vehicle's E-Gear transmission system.

At the core lies an O.E.M design aimed at safeguarding your transmission's integrity. The filter kit serves as a vigilant guardian, shielding critical components from the infiltration of harmful contaminants. By efficiently filtering out impurities, it fortifies the E-Gear system against potential risks, ensuring seamless functionality and longevity.

This proactive defense mechanism serves as a barrier against premature wear, preserving the optimal performance of solenoids, sensors, and seals.

As advocates for proactive maintenance, we underscore the importance of regular servicing. To maintain peak performance, we recommend integrating the replacement of the E-Gear filter into your transmission service routine. Whether you're conducting a comprehensive transmission overhaul or servicing the E-Gear valve body, our filter kit stands ready to fortify your system against potential threats.

Aventador LP700, LP720, LP750 SV Coupe, LP750 SV Roadster, S, LP770 SVJ Coupe

For OEM #

  • 470398162

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