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Alfa CLUTCH CYLINDER Repair kit 147, Nuovo GT 1.9 JTD/3.2 V6 24V/GTA with Selespeed 60607663


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New clutch slave cylinder repair kit.

Alfa CLUTCH CYLINDER Repair kit is compaitble with 





 The Alfa Clutch Cylinder Repair Kit is a set of replacement components designed to repair a worn or damaged clutch cylinder in Alfa Romeo vehicles. This kit includes high-quality seals and components made from durable materials to ensure reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

The repair kit is specifically designed to fit and function as a direct replacement for the original clutch cylinder, making installation quick and easy. The high-quality seals included in the kit are designed to prevent leaks and ensure consistent clutch operation, improving overall vehicle performance.

This Alfa Clutch slave cylinder Repair Kit is a cost-effective solution for repairing a worn or damaged clutch cylinder, allowing vehicle owners to avoid the expense of purchasing a brand new clutch cylinder. With its high-quality components and easy installation, this kit is a reliable and practical choice for any Alfa Romeo owner in need of clutch cylinder repairs.

By repairing the clutch cylinder with this kit, drivers can restore proper clutch function and enjoy smooth and consistent shifting. The Alfa Clutch Cylinder Repair Kit is an affordable and effective solution for restoring the performance of the clutch system in Alfa Romeo vehicles.

oe part number: 60607663

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