Mclaren 11B1538CP_02 Accumulator

Mclaren 11B1538CP_02 Accumulator


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Multiple or Single

This item is new replacement suspension accumulators for the McLaren 12C/MP4-12C, 650S, 720S, 750S and 570S. We sell these as a package of 4 , 2 or as single accumulators. To do a full refresh of your hydraulic suspension system your vehicle will require 4 accumulators. 

The accumulators are considered regular wear and tear items on your vehicle. OEM suggests changing these every 3-4yrs or 15-20k miles, whichever comes first. Depending on driving habits and fluid conditions these accumulators may need to be changed sooner.

The MLR accumulators are meant to be a an aftermarket replacement to the existing accumulators in your vehicle. In some applications there may be some height restrictions due to the larger capacity we have designed into the accumulator. The larger capacity enables the system to dampen additional shock, vibration and pulsations. In some applications this may require slight modification in the front of the vehicle. 

This accumulator replaces the aluminum ball type accumulators.

If you are unsure of fitment please contact us with your VIN and we can help narrow down your search.

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