Ford TRANSIT Durashift ASM Actuator seal kit

Ford TRANSIT Durashift ASM Actuator seal kit


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ASM Actuator seal Kit for Ford Transit Durashift

New Ford Transit replacement shift actuator seal kit is designed to renew all seals within the gear actuator. This kit is intended to restore the proper functioning of the actuator by replacing any worn or damaged seals.

The Ford TRANSIT Durashift ASM (Automated Manual) Actuator Seal Kit is a set of replacement seals designed to be used on the actuator in the Durashift ASM system used in certain Ford Transit vans. The actuator is responsible for controlling the engagement and disengagement of the clutch and gear selection in the Durashift ASM system.

1206985, 1C1R484543AA, 1C1R7M168DB, 1C1R7H463CH, 1C1R484543CH

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