167002 OIL TANK for Ferrari 360 and 355
167002 OIL TANK for Ferrari 360 and 355

167002 OIL TANK for Ferrari 360 and 355


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This item is a new hydraulic fluid oil tank/reservoir for the Ferrari 360 and 355.

There is a filter built into the oil tank, acting as the first line of defense against contaminants. However, even the best filters can't stop everything. Over time, oil degrades, picking up dirt, debris, and moisture. This breakdown can lead to sludge formation at the bottom of the tank. Reusing the old reservoir when servicing your F1 system's gearbox is a false economy.

By reusing the old tank, you're essentially reintroducing expired and/or contaminated fluid back into the system. Contaminated oil can lead to a number of problems such as:

  • Wearing down of solenoids. Common symptoms are rough gear changes
  • Accumulator damage. Common symptoms are system cannot reach minimum spike pressure

In the worst-case scenario, contaminated oil could lead to complete component failure, causing expensive repairs and downtime for your F1 system.

Note: This tank is for a later version of the F1 system. If you have an earlier generation of the oil tank, you will need to also change to a new screw cap.

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